Assignment 1, Psychological Statistics, St. Mary's College of Maryland, Roger Stanton

Homework Assignment #1 (7 Points)
Due:    1/23 at the beginning of class

Chapter 1 (do these problems by hand): (3 points)
Questions 18, 20, 22 (remember the order of mathematical operations, for example: multiply before you add; operations inside parentheses before outside; etc.)

Chapter 2 (do these problems by hand): (2 points)
            Questions 2, 14

From me: (2 points)
Identify the IV(s), DV(s), and the scale of measurement for each IV and DV.

  1. Subjects participated in an experiment designed by Professor Roger Stanton to test the effects of frustration on aggression in St. Mary's College of Maryland students.  The group first received a frustrating puzzle to solve and the level of aggression displayed by the St. Mary's College of Maryland students was measured on a scale of 1 - 7.  Two days later, Professor Stanton gave a less-frustrating version of the same puzzle (it was easier) and again the level of aggression was measured.  Presentation of the two puzzles was counterbalanced across the participants.  Professor Stanton also investigated the effects of gender (men and women) under the two puzzle conditions.

  1. Professor Roger Stanton believes that alcohol intoxication at half the legal limit, that is, .05 blood alcohol level (BAL) instead of .10 might severely impair driving ability.  To test this, volunteers from St. Mary's College of Maryland were randomly assigned to the following groups:  10 were given a driving simulation test while sober (BAL = 0.0), another 10 were tested after drinking and obtaining a .05 BAL, and a third set of 10 were tested after reaching a .10 BAL.  Professor Stanton measured performance as the number of simulated obstacles with which the driver collides.

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